Having given up on seeing the cars in Crawley (see post below), I found a good place to spectate in a village further to the south. I managed to see most of the early runners before the heavens opened and made the journey to Brighton for the slower cars very unpleasant.



Sarah Tunnicliffe’s splendid 1902 4 cylinder Panhard Et Levassor at speed




Barry Pitfield seems to be enjoying himself at the wheel of Lawrence Moore’s 1902 2 cylinder Panhard Et Levassor



Ivan Odds’ 1903 4 cylinder Clement



Looks of grim determination – and the rain hasn’t started yet. John Bird OBE in his rare 1902 2 cylinder Georges Richard




A rare and powerful car, the 1903 2 cylinder Winton of Evert Louwman. Winton were a US manufacturer of very fine cars. This car boasts 22 HP at a time when it was rare for even 4 cylinder cars to have more than 15 HP. Mr Louwman is from Holland and is the owner of the excellent motor museum that bears his name at the Hague.






Someone getting a cold back whilst destroying the forward view of the driver! Preposterous 1900 single cylinder De Dion Bouton Vis a vis belonging to Dr Shaun Crofton being chased down by Nick Mason’s 1901 4 cylinder 24 HP Panhard Et Levassor. Mr Mason is a member of Pink Floyd and has a very fine collection of cars including a Ferrari 250 GTO.