Although production of the fabulous Aston Martin One 77 ended in 2012 I spotted this lovely unregistered example for sale at HMW in Walton on Thames.  This white car carried badges stating that it was the “last one” so it was presumably the last one off the production line.  The One 77 originally sold for £1.2m – this example was for sale for £1.6 million.  That’s some appreciation in three or four years!  But what a fantastic looking car.  I’m sure it’ll be worth much much more in the future.  With a carbon fibre chassis and aluminium body the car weighs only 1600 kg. That comparatively light weight when coupled with a naturally  aspirated 7.3 L engine pushing out 750 bhp can propel the car to 60 in 3.5 seconds and then on to 220mph.  

I better start saving ..