Nice vintage Shell petrol pump

Morgan Three Wheelers

Very nice 1904 Humber – a regular on the London to Brighton run

Driving through the little Kent village of Cranbrook I was surprised to see a sign pointing to a motor museum. Having found some on street parking (there is no carpark) I followed the signs through an antique shop to the rear of which was a large shed fronted by a vintage petrol pump.  Inside the shed (in fact a series of sheds) was a nice collection of Morgan three wheelers and other vintage vehicles together with a good collection of petronalia.  Whilst I am not particularly keen on Morgans it was an interesting place to spend 25 minutes and entry was only £3.

The annual Brooklands driving tests brought a good collection of Vintage Sports Car Club cars to the old circuit last weekend.


Morgan three wheelers lining up for one of the driving tests


A cycle car (GN?) taking part in a fiendish test. The driver needs to drive at a constant distance around the Christmas tree (to which he attached by a line). On the line is a rubber duck. Get too close and the duck touches the ground and you are penalised. Drive too far from the tree and you will pull it over. This driver did the latter! Note terrified bear tucked behind nearside headlamp.


An immaculate M Type MG Midget navigates the cones by the old pits with the clubhouse beyond.


This gorgeous Grand Prix Vauxhall TT racer was on display in the old balloon shed. A reminder of days before Vauxhall became a mere franchise for GM rep mobiles.