Last month the RAC club hosted its annual motor sport dinner. Guest of honour was current Red Bull race car designer Adrian Newey. We learnt a great deal about this remarkably successful man. Did you know he was at school with Jeremy Clarkson? That he was expelled for shattering all the ancient stain glass windows in the hall of his school whilst experimenting with the amplifier at a school disco? That he has deigned more British Grand Prix winning cars than any other designer? He is of course a quick driver in his own right and hankers after a competitive drive at Le Mans. When asked what challenges he would still like to try, going back to sports car design was on the list as well as a possible return to the US and the design of Indycars.  What a privilege it was to hear from such a thoughtful and humble man.


Adrian Newey sitting on his first F1 design, the March 881 / Leyton House. In the background is the 2012 Championship winning Red Bull RB8