MG purists will of course be horrified at the thought of MG making a sport crossover. However it seems like good business sense to me. It’s an increasingly lucrative market and if the likes of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Lamborghini are going to make SUVs I see no shame in MG joining them.

MG GS – Better in the flesh

Photos of the MG GS (which is currently on sale in China) do not do the car justice. The pre-production model on show in MG’s London showroom (see below) looks better in the flesh than it does in print. Even the interior, which has been much criticised elsewhere, does not seem bad.   It appears, however, that the car will not be sold with a diesel engine in the UK. That seems like an astonishing oversight to me and will hurt sales quite significantly. Having said that I’m personally excited by the thought of a 220 bhp 2 litre turbo four-wheel-drive MG GS with a paddle shift gear box. If they can make one with a tow hook it would make a great tow car for some of my older race cars. This will be especially the case if priced as expected at less than £20,000 for a top of the range version. According to MG the GS is expected to be available to order in December of this year.