The last two events in my racing season have proven rather soggy affairs. The Abingdon Car-nival is a great event raising money for local and military charities. Uniquely, over the course of one day, competitors get to drive two different sprint courses on the perimeter track of the old Abingdon Air Force Base. Unfortunately it rained very heavily for most of the day. This reduced both track times and enjoyment.


Ready for the off at Abingdon in the driving rain behind a very loud Mustang

Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire is the oldest motorsport venue in the world. Cars have been racing up the hill since 1905. This heritage and the beautiful country surroundings make it one of my favourite events. Sadly it rained heavily again all day. Unlike with many sprint courses there is very little run off at Shelsley and therefore it pays to be cautious when it is wet. It was my first time taking the Beast up the hill so I was extra careful. She’s a big car for a narrow twisty Hill! Whilst my time was okay it was still nowhere near as fast as times that I have managed previously in my little MGF.


A very wet paddock at Shelsley. I was the only car out of 150 to not get a pit shelter. Then again I needed it less than the vintage MGs seen behind.