The private wheel clamping business was notorious for attracting criminals who would clamp people parking on private property then only release their cars after extortionate fines had been paid. The practice became so widespread that eventually the Government banned private firms from clamping cars. So imagine my surprise when I saw a car clamped in the car park of Surbiton station. It seems that private clampers are still allowed to prey on motorists in station car parks. I was horrified when I saw the release fee. Take a close look yourself . Yes that’s correct! There is no missing decimal point. In the past clamping like this was carried out by small dodgy landowners employing equally dodgy clampers. South West Trains, who own the car park, are a large company and should know better than to deal with clampers such as CP Plus Limited who “manage” the car park for them and impose these unfair fines on an unwary public.