The Brooklands Museum New Year’s Day classic car breakfast has gone from strength to strength over recent years. Last year over 1000 cars attended providing a useful boost to the Museum’s finances.

After an absence of several years I was looking forward to getting my ’52 MG YB out and spending a relaxing morning in the company of fellow old car enthusiasts. Unfortunately the weather conspired against both me and the Museum. For over a week prior to New Year’s Day the rain fell and the wind howled. On Christmas Eve the nearby River Wey burst it’s banks and parts of the Museum, including the Club House, were flooded. Mindful of the big event coming up Museum volunteers and staff worked hard over Christmas to tidy up the site in time for the meeting. They did a magnificent job and there were no traces of the flood water come the big day.

Unfortunately the weather had not finished with the Museum. Whilst New Year’s Day dawned dry but overcast, the forecast was for heavy rain. I decided not to risk the YB and instead took my Jaguar XKR. On the way to the Museum, on early morning deserted roads, I was shamed by my cowardice when I passed a 1920’s Alvis, with little in the way of lights or weather protection, gamely heading for the meeting. But when I turned up it became apparent that I was not the only coward. Instead of the expected 1000 plus cars there were barely 100. This must have been a real blow to the Museum as they clearly catered for many more people than had attended. To try and help them, and to make up for my lack of moral fibre, I had two bacon butties and three cups of tea. I doubt it helped the Museum or my waistline much but it was vital insulation once the rain started hammering down shortly after I arrived..


Depleted selection of cars on the Members Banking. The blue twin cam convertible Morris Marina has been restored to perfection. But why?

The weather had deterred many of the more interesting cars but there was still the odd curiosity to be seen. In particular there was a good showing of American Muscle. A bout of rain wasn’t going to put off those good old boys!


Imposing and massive Big Mean and Green Chrysler


American Muscle


Tasty Dodge Hot Rod in grey primer. Looks (deliberately?) a lot like the 55 Chevy, also in grey primer, that stars in seminal 70’s road movie “Two Lane Blacktop”.


Subtle manifold exhaust pipe combo – has to dump the gasses somewhere I suppose..


Not quite American Muscle! The star of “Wayne’s World” (“excellent”) and Cars 2 bad guy, AMC Pacer. Nearly as ugly as neighbouring rust coloured Citroen van.

I suspect the Museum made a substantial loss on the day. So please, if you can spare the time, pop in and see them. Brooklands is a fantastic place, reeking of the history of motor sport and aviation. It’s well worth a visit. For details see their website