I took the Beast to Silverstone in June for the MGCC main international event. I was competing in the sprint on the Stowe Circuit and had high hopes of improving my performance after my appalling time at Crystal Palace. The Stowe Circuit has some good straights and I thought that would help me to at least better the times I had set there a few years previously in my little MGF. The result was massively disappointing. Although there were some good straights the Circuit also has a lot of slowish corners that I struggled to get right. My best time was some 4 seconds slower than my time in the MGF. It should have been 3 or 4 seconds faster especially as this time round there was one less chicane!


The following weekend I was racing at the Gurston Down Hillclimb near Salisbury. Gurston is a fantastic hill and one of my favourite events of the year. It’s quite fast with a challenging series of corners in the middle and some steep gradients. The paddock is in a farm yard and the whole event is run with fantastic precision. You can even get a great breakfast at the startline cafe which has a great view of the hill. My expectations were very low but much to my surprise I did relatively well. Whilst still a couple of seconds behind the times I had set in my MGF the gap was not so large and I managed to at least be quicker than the other MGFs and TFs. I was still a couple of seconds slower than a time set by previous owner Nadine but I know how quick she is so I was not too disappointed! Next event should be a return to Goodwood in August where I should hopefully improve on the times I set at Easter.